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  1. This share is a binary proposition, in that if planning permission for the project is granted, it will be out of the starting gates like a rocket. If not, it won’t go anywhere. The share is AIM listed GCM. It hopes to become the biggest open cast coal miner in Bangladesh, a growing nation with a population of over 200m and a chronic shortage of electricity. Phulbari is an absolutely hugenear-surface coal deposit, and seems to be ‘the’ answer to the nation’s power shortage. The problem is, a sizeable amount of the population will have to be relocated to access the coal

    Bangladesh’s government is democratically elected and they are desparate for economic growth, which they won’t achievet without a reliable power source. Coal is the answer but the politicians are treading cautiously, and the opponents are playing the environmental card for all it’s worth.

    My guess is that this will be a massive multi- bagger if it gets the green light, but ‘if’ is the magic word. A decision isn’t far away

    1. I agree – GCM has much promise but like GKP – investors know just how protracted politics can be, so don’t hold your breath on a Bangla decision anytime soon.

      BHR (Beacon Hill) is my preferred ‘Coal’ play due to the fact that they are ‘producing’ and ‘coal’ is becoming expensive due to Aussie flood woes.

      POL also offers some exposure to Coal through CDN interest which might be attractive to those that like the support of a firm cash balance and proven track record on investment returns. Dattels has proven to be a shrewd investor.

  2. Great site.

    Kave a look at Kefi. I took a small stake and already am up about 115%. I think there may be a bit more to come if licence news is positive.

  3. I’m sure you’ve got more than enough candidates for the hotlist.
    How about an isa hotlist as well.

  4. My tip for this year is Noventa. NVTA. Re producing tantalum, prices rising, just completed dual listing in canada.

  5. Excellent site Hub.

    Here are a few ideas.



    Dial M

  6. take a look at GED, has come up from c. 60pps to 109pps in the last few weeks, but still valued at about 25p/ 2P bbl compared with Banker’s Petroleum at more than 500p/bbl

  7. HI Hub,

    For consideration in the 2011 hotlist.

    BPC, RRL, DPL, ENEG as multi baggers.
    RKH, XEL, CAZA, NPE, VOG with further to go.
    A dark horse AEY, I know you know the story!
    One out of the comfort zone SGO!


  8. One to look at for 2011 is BZT, PCY, that’s Prophecy Resource Company on TMX, Merry Xmas

  9. This site is fantastic, thanks Captain Hub. My under the radar tips for 2011 – XTR, URU, SEY, PPC. I think they are defo worth a look 🙂
    Merry Christams Captain, I hope 2011 is as lucrative as 2010 was.

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