Oil rises above $92 – reaches 2 year high

2011 off to a flyer then!

Oil rises above $92, reaching 2-year high

4 thoughts on “Oil rises above $92 – reaches 2 year high”

  1. At this rate $100 oil for Q1-2011 and then easing back maybe once things come into Spring and weather gets better. As we can see it justs get more and more expensive to fill up the car.

  2. London, Brent crude rose $2.76 to $95.85 a barrel on the ICE Futures exchange.

    Blimey – IAE will be licking their lips at oil near $100 pb.

    Watch for North sea producers – many will see increased cash flow due to rising oil prices and in these kind of circumstances – takeovers and acquisitions tend to come thick and fast.

    I expect to see some approaches that up the value of 2010’s average ‘oil in ground’ prices of circa $10 to $12 to nearer $14 to $15.

    The year of the Commodities? Off to a flyer!

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