2011 Hotlist Results – Week 02

The first week of 2011 got off to a flyer and week 2 hasn’t been too shabby either.

A virtual portfolio has been set up using the 2010 Dec 31st close figures as a starting point and £1000 has been invested in each stock. This does not include buying fees or stamp duty and is purely intended to be used as a benchmark or summary for each week. The B list has also been included for comparisons. I included 2 of the newspapers top ten for 2011 to monitor/compare against.

The virtual portfolio’s use the ‘last trade’ system to calculate the days close.
Building on the Hotlist’s week 01 gain of 7.23%, week 02 ended up at a very sweet 9.59%. The ‘B’ List also did well rising from week 01 2.45% gain to reach 3.53%. The independent and Tempus Times 2011 picks are listed below. Not too bad either. But the 2011 Hotlist leads the bunch for the moment!

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9 thoughts on “2011 Hotlist Results – Week 02”

  1. What do you make of the THE TIMES small but very exciting piece on OTC hub? I expect price will move big time tomorrow.

  2. Your 2011 hotlist includes Firestone Diamonds. Would you consider Petra Diamonds, PDL, for your B List – they’ve just aquired a first class mine from De Beers to double their production capability. Please read their RNS today as they are really going places this year – applying for FTSE 100

    1. Unfortunately the ‘b’ list is closed now as the year has started. But I agree – Petra have some promising production and I do consider them as being a good play for anyone who wants exposure to diamonds.

  3. Share your views, Panaphonic on SXX, have held these for some time now and the increase has been steady and consolidated. From a personal point many of my friends are farmers and are seeing huge increases in fertiliser prices together with warnings of shortages. I like the SXX picture.

    Am mostly in PMG GKP NPE EO AUL AST and long term holder PMO and PFC. Also RXP which is looking interesting.

  4. great site hub and awesome effort i for one will keep u on favs but i think the comparisons may b sided long term in the big boys safe footsie bets but ur pick is mainly aim risky oilies and it should outperform those safe shares easily if all goes well but ……life in aim is exciting and not predicable …i wish u very well and share ur zest for risk and returns!!

  5. Great RNS for Stellar (STEL) today confirms your inclusion in Hotlist 2011 alternative B list!

  6. Nice comparison – well done for leading the pack. I currently have three shares from your A-list and three from your B-list but I really think you are missing a trick not having SXX in your portfolio.

    Up another 10% today on acquisition news and seems like a good long-termer to me rather than a flash in the pan.

    Good luck hub and thanks for the great new website.

  7. nice to see the tabloid comparisons will be intresting to see how they all pan out

  8. What is your understanding on XTR? I consider it a mid-long term play which has a good upside based on the Danish prospect. Whats your viewpoint on that share?

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