Best Brokers and share dealing sites 2011

The recent market volatility has tested a few pi’s patience when it comes to their trading accounts or brokers. As we all know – speed is of the essence and delays on the phone to a broker can cost thousands. Online trading reliability is crucial to more active investors/traders and many have complained recently of poor service, websites down and terrible customer service.

So who are the best Brokers and share dealing sites? Thesharehub with up to 10,000 visits per day has created two polls based on the most popular brokers/share dealing sites. The first poll is based on Performance/Reliability/ and not ‘customer service’ which includes account enquiries, time waiting on the phone and usual customer management. A second poll will be done specifically on Customer Service. Whilst a broker might be the best at getting the best price for you – it counts for nothing if it takes you 20mins to get the trade dealt due to poor customer service.

It would great if you could take the time to vote for your preferred Broker / dealing site. See POLL positioned in the right hand column, near the bottom. Poll Expires on Sept 5th.

An alternative POLL based specifically on CFD and Spread betting services will be done in September.

Advanced apologies to all international investors/readers as the POLL is aimed at sites/brokers that are UK centric.

Please leave broker/online dealing site additional opinions/comments on this post/thread. Your chance to name and shame or hero your chosen trading site/broker.

8 replies on “Best Brokers and share dealing sites 2011”

  1. Hargreaves landsdown have a nice very useable platform, but they are useless whenever there is any form of volatility which is exactly when you need them. I was unable to buy range resources last week following their fall to around 8p until they were back up to 11p. Useless!!!

    Simplystockbroking are only £8 a trade and work well so far. JPJ shares are only £5 a trade and also seem good. Well worth considering.


  2. T D Waterhouse is OK , but sometimes the staff can be cold, arrogant and uncaring over the phone. Always best to get their names and extension numbers in case you get a good one so you can ask for them again.

  3. No option to vote for Simplystockbroking. Cost £8 per trade and all queries whether by email or phone dealt with quickly and correctly. No problems with site availability, speed of trades and very easy & efficient access to portfolio, contract notes plus EoY tax info etc. Used them for about a year and no complaints.

  4. I have used TDW rubish
    Sharecrazey bad platform
    Motley Fool good.
    JPJShare are fantastic very good dealing platform at the most competitive price.

  5. TDW has been terrible these last couple of weeks.

    Can never get a firm price, so only way to buy has been fill or kill, and then they leave you waiting 3-4 hours to find out whether you bought or not.

    Its been a bit of an eye opener, as up to then they have been very good.

  6. I have used since 1989 Charles Stanley and more recently (about 5years) their sister internet broker site Fastrade and during recent trading both direct with CS and internet via Fastrade had no complaints.
    It is a pity they are not on your list

    HUB – Have followed you for many years and my extensive portfolio reflects it. Keep up the invaluable service

  7. No option to vote for Fastrade in the poll (owned by Charles Stanley I believe). I have always found them excellent to deal with. Costs £11.50 per trade regardless of size, which is a wee bit steep for smaller trades, but their customer service is first rate and on the rare occasions when the website doesn’t work they sort matters out over the phone quickly. Loise Miller at Fastrade is the individual I have had most contact with and I can’t fault her.

    My one criticism of their website is that on occasions I have for example tried to buy £1000 of shares but due to the button for cash amount or number of shares resetting to its default when you run the search for the ticker I have ended up buying 1000 shares instead. It does show that correctly but in the 15 seconds you have to confirm the trade it’s sometimes difficult to check all the figures – using some colour for the text showing the trade value would be helpful there. Nevertheless, a first rate service for me so far.

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