Best broker or online dealing site POLL closed.

Well done to iii (interactive investor) who topped the Best broker/online dealing site POLL which was based purely on Performance/Reliability. It was a close call with the top 3 being within just 3 votes of each other from a total of 277 votes cast.

The top five came in as follows:

1. Interactive Investor 42 votes 15% of POLL
2. TD Waterhouse 40 votes 14% of POLL
3. Hargreaves Lansdown 39 votes 14% of POLL
4. Barclays Stockbrokers 34 votes 12% of POLL
5. Halifax Stockbrokers 34 votes 12% of POLL

The next POLL (live from today for 2 weeks, see right hand column) is purely about “Customer Service”. As mentioned before, the above POLL dealt with ‘performance/reliability’ which was more about the ‘access’ and ‘stability’ of the service. In the past investors have been ‘shut out’ from dealing online due to technical issues which often arise at times when volatility is at its highest.

But what happens when the site does go down? Can you get through on the phone? Is the customer service any good at resolving your queries or problems? Does it take minutes, hours or days for your broker to answer an online enquiry? Problem with your account? Do they deliver the customer service that you expect?

It’s great to have a stable platform to trade on or a reliable broker to call, but it’s useless if your account has been frozen or money hasn’t been transferred in (or out) when you requested it. The ‘back room’ is just as important as the front desk.

So here’s your chance to vote again for your best broker/online service based purely on CUSTOMER SERVICE. It will be interesting to see if any of the top five change position.

Happy voting. POLL closes on September 20th.

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  1. Hub
    I had at the commencement of the first poll indicated my high regard for Fastrade and parent Charles Stanley and was under the impression the first might be included in the subsequent ‘service’ poll. But note this is not the case.
    My comments pre-dated the problems of recent high volumes but were based on many years of investment/trading. My recent experience of is no different than historic; volumes/activity appear to have no adverse impact on the service I expected and received.

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