2011 Hotlist Results – week 50

Week 50 of 2011.

The week ended with another big ‘friday’ event. This time it was the credit rating agencies making the headlines again. Just one week on from the last ‘big friday’ that saw the Eurozone agreeing a united approach (all bar one, the UK) the credit agencies popped up yet again to stymie any market progress. This time it wasn’t the S&P, but Moody’s and Fitch. Acting a bit like a tag team, the credit agencies seem to be playing party poopers to any chances of a year end rally. It’s beginning to look like a concerted effort to ‘bin’ all the bad news in 2011, leaving 2012 with a brighter platform. There’s nothing to say at this stage that the market won’t simply continue where they left off when Jan 3rd kicks in. The markets will be looking for signs of QE3 in the early part of the year – if it gets it, then it could signal a turning point.

The FTSE 100 closed the week at 5387 losing 142pts and is now. At 512pts down for the year. It looks a nailed on cert to finish 2011 in the red.

The Dow closed at 11,886 which keeps it in the blue for 2011 but only by around 300pts. Trading going into the year end close is likely to be thin and the week ahead sees 4 full days trading and one half day on Friday (23rd). Investors would be wise to check any settlement dates they may have on loaned stock as the half days and bank holiday’s can effect trading dates.

A virtual portfolio has been set up using the 2010 Dec 31st close figures as a starting point and £1000 has been invested in each stock. This does not include buying fees or stamp duty and is purely intended to be used as a benchmark or summary for each week. The B-list (alternative picks) and 2 newspaper top tens for 2011 have been included to help monitor/compare against.

The virtual portfolio’s use the ‘last trade’ system to calculate the days close.

Week 50 performance summary as follows:
Worst weekly performer goes to The independent again. It might be wobbling a bit to close 2011 in single red digits, but it still looks a decent performer in a year that has seen 30% to 40% losses across many fund manager portfolio’s (and they were actively managing/trading as opposed to a static top ten list). Takeover talk on GKP might be too late coming to save the Hotlist – had it occurred earlier, it might have made a significant difference. It will be exciting and interesting to see how that story unfolds over the next few days and weeks.

Week 50
1. The Independent -7.27% (loss of 3.12% from week 49)
2. Tempus Times -15.88% (loss of 2.25% from week 49)
3. The ‘B’ List -44.52% (loss of 1.12% from week 49)
4. The 2011 Hotlist -48.36% (loss of 2.33% from week 49)

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