Call for Entries – Hotlist 2013


It’s that time of year again.

So if you think you know a stock that is likely to star/perform well in 2013, post a comment with your recommendation before Dec 27th 2012.

Keep it short, and nominate which list you think it would be best suited to.

Be patient – your post/comment might not show up on the site immediately due to the administrator/moderator.

For clarification – there are two stock picks lists. The first is mainly commodity/high risk stock picks and called the Hotlist. The second is called the ‘B-list’ and based on more conservative/less risky stocks. The latter tends to be spread across a number of sectors.

The lists will go live on Wednesday January 2nd 2013.

Good luck.

43 thoughts on “Call for Entries – Hotlist 2013”

  1. Beacon Hill Resources (BHR) – mining, coal, change in management during end of 2012, infrastructure news expected Q1 2013, ~3p.

  2. GBP.L = Global Petroleum
    PMG.L = parkmead
    ZOL.L = Zoltav

    All are undervalued and should be covered in ones portfolio. I have more but am not covered yet. Happy New Year.

  3. I would like to see more FTSE 350 shares in this years list.

    AHT is an example of some great performance and security which these AIM shares lack.


  4. I believe there will be a recovery across AIM in 2013. As a result I don’t believe you need to be too clever picking stocks for 2013. I am following the hypothesis that says some of the worst performing stocks in the previous year are often some of the biggest gainers the next.

    I think BOR will be taken out, possibly by the Chinese and have a 40p – 50p target.

    GKP to head back up rapidly after the court case is over and takeover speculation no doubt starts again. 900p would suit me.

    SHG at 18p look very cheap and are about to up production. Should easily see 30p there in 2013.

    XEL will benefit if as I predict 2013 is a better year. It’s a popular stock and high volumes as risk appetite returns will see the sp rise imo. £2 target.

    NEW if they announce a strike in Belize could fly towards a £100m market cap. If they don’t strike first time I expect a fantastic buying opportunity before Denmark news, where the company says it’s not if they have gas but a matter of how much. 30p target.

    GBP is rarely mentioned but it’s sp is equivalent to cash in the bank and any oil strikes in Namibia should push the price up significantly. 20-23p target.

    LLOY will continue to do well. 65-70p target.

    As a punt I’m looking at XTR. Bombed badly in 2012 but management say they are working flat out to find company making deals. With a market cap of just £3.4m it could multi-bag very quickly. 0.6p target.

    The above is all my opinion and does not represent any advice etc, dyor as they say.

    Happy New Year

  5. two for the hotlist imo are serica (sqz) and global petroleum (gbp), both are well positioned within what should be an exciting year for exploration offshore namibia, any success on multibillion barrel targets from the number of drills planned for 2013 by 3rd parties will have a very positive knock on effect for these two minnows, both well funded, siesmics to come……

  6. I nominate KYS – Kryso resources for the B list. Relatively lost cost Gold miner moving into production, fully funded with a growing resource base – a steady riser in the coming year!

  7. Amerisur resources…

    Massive year in 2012 with a doubling of share price and 10 fold increase in production to around 5000bopd.

    2013 sees the continued development of their excellent Platanillo oilfield in Colombia with 6-8 wells being drilled by 2 rigs with the aim of proving around 70MMBO of 2P resources and increasing production further in one of the most attractive oil regimes in the world – netback of around $80 per barrel after extraction cost and royalties.
    There should also be further value added by exploration and development of its Fenix block with 300MMBO of prospective resources as well as seismics and an initial well in its huge acreage in Paraguay which is hotting up as a under explored Frontier province.

    An excellent mix of established cashflow ensuring all activity is fully funded, no debt, low risk appraisal, medium risk exploration and appraisal and high risk elephant hunting.

  8. Dear Hub
    I did a poll on LSE (See H78 BB page) Over 126 Tips from 108 posters.
    1st GKP (Easy winner so far)
    2nd SAR and QFI (Joint)
    3rd SCLP and NTOG (Joint)

    Lets hope 2013 is a better year on the AIM.

  9. Sirius Minerals – Yorkshire’s own world class potash prospect.

    Monitise – huge mobile money potential. Regularly turning over millions of shares per day and with £100 m in the bank as cash.

  10. My list for 2013:

    AMC – 8.2 p – should get the 4th licence in 2013.
    BMR – 2.52p – MD spent thousands at 2.8p.
    EMED – 10.10p – should get final approval to restart Rio Tinto mine in 2013.
    ENEG – 15.2p – possible 10 bagger or bust?
    FML – 1.98 p – hugely undervalued. 2013 should prove pivotal.
    HER – 0.58p – recovery just based on stupid price.
    MAX – 3.75p – the only way is up from here.
    SER – 1.07p – if it does not multibag from here in 2013 it never will.
    VIY – 1.92p – 2013 should finally deliver revenue.
    XEL – 90p – trading at a stupid price at the end of 2012.

  11. San Leon. Why? Well I would like you to find this out for yourself as it is not my job to spend your money. I won’t get paid and wont get thanked for making you rich so make your own mind up. But be quick, You have about a month before shares will be in short supply.

    All the Best


  12. I would like to recomend Vialogy(viy),this company analyse seismic data to find porosity,permeability and lithology of oil,gas and water reservoirs with 100% accuracy so far.They have signed lots of contracts in the last year or so but are tied by non disclosure agreements and people are waiting for the financials but there is a time lag between contracts and a sign of significant revenue.If they can charge the premium $5000 per km for hard to find hydrocarbons then this share could have a serious breakout.

  13. Icon Energy (ICN) in Australia
    Santos has started first economical production from a shale gas well in Australia recently. ICN has got 40% of a big part of the Santos Basin on the QL side. Beach Petroleum with 60% is the operator. In the Santos Basin we will see the first shale gas boom in Australia.

  14. Another vote for SLE. Absolute steal at sub 10p levels. This has been held back for the AUL merger to complete and for Tosca fund to join Soros and Blackrock as major shareholders. SLE are dominant force in european shale with huge potential which is set to be unlocked in the near future. And you get the Morroccan lottery ticket thrown in for free (50bn barrels!)
    One year target price 60p-120p+

  15. No contest, San Leon Energy SLE will star in 2013. Great farms done with Cairn and GENEL for Offshore Morocco, near term production from on-shore Polish oil fields currently being sized up, 4.5% NPI on the Irish Barryroe field, polish shale finds and sweet spots to be fracked Q1/2, Albania farm-out news due anytime on Durresi 2bln prospect, 50bln oil shale being assessed by Estonian experts, flow test result due from a 450bcf per sq mile gas find in Polish Carboniferous, Sicny-2. £50 million quid in the bank from recent Aurelian acquisition.

    With Tosca fund having bought 50 million shares in December the future look bright, very bright. The fund feeding frenzy has something driving it that clearly isn’t in the public domain. Buffet’s involvement in Poland also looks ominous for Polish shale. 2013 to be a transformational year for SLE with anything from a 5-20 bagger on the cards. Good luck.

    1. Mere hype, Sle should deliver something rather than flood the marketwith more shares

  16. TPL – Massive prospective resources in Taj (27BN, proven basin). Just announced 1/3 each farm in deal with Total and CNODC.
    Already producing at 4k bbl / day in Kaz. Own rigs and 50% of oil terminal. Received $60M from above farm in so cash for drilling next year not an problem.
    Chineese pipeline for export of gas from Kaz to Chine=a to complete in 2013. TPL can then export gas from Kaz assets.

    Massive potential, already producing. Isable. A List share.

  17. FTO@10.75p isa applicable great upside following china gas news
    THG @13p return to profit and more store developments with sainsbury signed off way below NAV.. No brainier this will rise over the next 12 months
    OPTS @165p tipped recently by Midas at 207.5p google it great growth opportunity or bid from rival isa applicable
    AQP platinum now back in spotlight and recent RNS very positive charts looking very bullish 55p currently with short term target of 70p plus..isa applicable

  18. Lamprell. “Picks and shovels” to oil industry. Massive order book, & massively oversold making them a good recovery play with new management in place. Could easily double or treble share price within 12-18 months from current lows.

  19. Chariot oil and Gas – new bod, new acreage, analysis results to come, farm ins to come, trading at a sp cushioned by cash

    Max Petroleum – debt restructured, cash flow positive, knocking on a transformational opportunity in the pre-salts

    888 – continues to go from strength to strength – my multi bagger for 2012 – I cannot see anything stopping the rise.

  20. I think 2013 will be great for NEW, EDG, BPC and of course GKP. On another note, I would love The Share Hub to cast an eye of my 2014 giant share tip TOM.

    1.7 billion P50 already discovered,funded now and opening the oil Q1 2013

  22. Zoltav Resources ZOL.L I like the Abromovich connection , plus I always do the opposite to what Mr Winnifrith says and make money.
    I believe this is a shell situation. The connections go deep into the British establishment ( If you do your own research like I have ) Current price 3.50 pence . Happy Christmas everyone

  23. Max Petroleum MXP…huge potential with the deeps, finances is not a problem anymore…

    1. You are having a laugh.. With that board of directors have cost us a fortune due to their mis management

  24. I nominate BZM, Bellzone Mining, for the Hotlist. Manipulated down to a ridiculous SP. Good backing from the Chinese and a sector on the rebound. Add to this the recent JORC update and the forthcoming first production shipment, the SP should see a good rebound upwards.

  25. GDP and AAZ – both gold.

    gdp.l £20 mln mkt cap (SP 12p), Y/e June 2012 – £5.25 mln pbt, £5mln net cash, maiden divi of 0.6p per share. All from reprocessing gold operations, bought from majors tailings, reporcessed, sold on. Large stockpiles already paid for and booked in accounts, planning on plant enhancements to ramp up production further (paid from cash) and so bottom line profit. However, add to that they are beefing up their own mining projects with a recent resource upgrade to c.1mln ozs across portfolio with Kilimapesa in Kenya just starting it’s early production – all in for free as reprocessing business appears undervalued alone. Chart perspective shows it sitting at bottom of long term (3yr) upward trend channel – perfect time to buy?

    aaz – think you’ve covered before, but apparently ahead of shcedule for commissioning of agitation leach plant which will significantly increase recovery rates and importantly be able to process large stockpiles of ore that have been left after current heap leach process. Have also just signed a sales contract with Glencore for it’s copper production and again large stockpile (with costs already booked to accounts). Highly cash generative business. Looks ripe for 2013.


  26. OXS – Hopefully a settlement here, If so it could be BIG MONEY. Something I am watching very closley.

  27. Although they haven’t floated yet, I think the new Bayfield/Trinity is a winner for next year. They will have a good daily production and their lead by great board (Dingwall in particular). I think this will be the big one next year.

    WZR also could have a good year.

  28. Have you thought of Plexus Holdings (POS)? It was one of Bulford’s better tips, but he dropped it when it still had plenty of steam left and I think it still has despite its dramatic recent rise.

  29. An old favourite – CAZA

    The switch to liquids rich prospects looks to already have been vindicated by the recent good results of the Caza Ridge 14 State No. 3H horizontal Bone Spring well. A steady stream of wells planned for 2013. A good bet to get back to pre Arran duster levels.

  30. Apart from GKP which is a bit of a no brainer at current prices, I keep an eye on KEFI which is involved in gold mining in Saudi Arabia. I bought it at about 2.8p and sold at about 7.2p a couple of years ago and have kept an eye on it since. Just a punt really but I always meant to buy back in when it fell back but always ploughed any cash into GKP instead.

    On the main market, I’d keep an eye on Weir Group. They make equipment used in fracking and so might benefit from developments in that field, although of course as a worldwide operator the UK market isn’t a game changer for them – nevertheless a solid earner.

  31. My tips for 2013 are as follows:

    GKP (this year has to be the year)

  32. I nominate Vane Minerals VML.L . Has A producing , Gold Mine ,
    Got to be worth a punt at under a penny

    the Board
    have an excellent track record and they have strong links to
    Freeport mcMoran and David Lowell one of the world’s most successful exploration Geologists. An excellent punt. One Copper Strike and these will fly

  33. POG petropavlovsk, no I’m not mad, the former Peter Hambro mining has been hammered by shorters this year on fears of high debt. POGs had record production each quarter for the last two years & production is expanding fast, up to 1 million ounces of gold within 3 years & it’s not pie in the sky. The share price is currently very close to the 200 day ma and POG will give good news in each of jan, feb & mar which should relate the shares from 350p to 600-900p next year. Then there’s the 60% holding in IRC which is also beginning to fly. POG is grossly undervalued.

  34. PMG

    A company staffed with proven expertise.
    Already has oil and gas.
    Understands the industry.
    Years of experience working in North Sea area.

  35. I am nominating OCZ Technology Group for ‘The Hot List’. I think this share has potential to fly. They produce SSD’s which are due to replace Hard Disk Drives. One im keeping an eye out for.

  36. I nominate Firestone Diamonds (FDI) for the hotlist and SVG Capital (SVI) for the B list.
    Firestone because I think it will be a good year, the share price is so depressed (4p)despite them now selling diamonds.
    SVG, quietly have been buying their own stock all year (£30 million). Read interim management statement of 22/10/12. nav price of 363! (current is 283). Another company paid 326 for 5% of the company back in September, but I cannot recall the name.

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