2012 Hotlist Results – Week 51

Week 51 of 2012

With only 2.5 trading days left before the end of the year, it’s looking unlikely that the US will get their Fiscal Cliff talks resolved before then. It’s a shame that those involved see the situation as an opportunity to score political points rather than looking at resolving the issues. With the EU seemingly berated from across the pond for slow progress on Europe, one has to say that the US has done themselves no favours in showing the world how they do it. A missed opportunity.

The Dow closed the week up 56pts at 13135 but had been much higher. The FTSE 100 closed up 18pts at 5940 but had flirted with the big 6000 line earlier in the week.

A virtual portfolio has been set up using the 2011 final trading day close figures as a starting point and £1000 has been invested in each stock. This does not include buying fees or stamp duty and is purely intended to be used as a benchmark or summary for each week. 2 newspaper top tens for 2012 have been included to help monitor/compare against.

Week 51 stock picks summary:

Just 2.5 days left before the Independent Stocks picks are crowned champions. It’s been a great year for those involved with the list. It’s a little ironic that a small Oil exploration company (PVR) accounts for almost 35% of the list’s success when you consider the wider E&P small cap poor performance. But the balance of adding just one or two high risk stocks with the bulk of lower risk stocks has yet again proven to be the magic recipe for success. The sharehub’s B-list which was designed to tick the above ‘lower’ risk box has performed well but is not yet over the line – The Tempus Times still has second spot within reach. The wooden spoon rests with the high risk Hotlist and anything closing in the red single digits will be viewed as welcome. A full summary of the stock picks performance will be posted with the final week 52 results.

Current standings / Week 51 Results

1. The Independent 2012 +45.99% (weekly gain of 0.88%)
2. Thesharehub’s ‘B’ List 2012 +10.15% (weekly gain of 1.66%)
3. Tempus Times 2012 +7.99% (weekly loss of 0.41%)
4. Thesharehub’s 2012 Hotlist -10.95% (weekly gain of 0.37%)

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B-list week 51Hotlist Week 51

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  1. A wonderful comparison and always reassuring to know that others have big red- like me. Proof of the expression that an expert knows the price of everything but the value of nothing…unless of course you are the Independent this year.
    Share Hub is the voice of reason…well done.

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