2013 Hotlist Results – Week 48

Week 48 of 2013

A slow week as US thanks giving cut trading down to thin volumes. That didn’t stop US indices hitting new highs and setting more records. It’s all bluesky stuff at present.

With limited hurdles ahead in 2013, it could be a typical xmas rally heading into the last few days of what has been a terrific 2013 for markets.

Talk of QE3 and debt ceilings can wait until 2014 starts. Well, that seems the idea at present.

The Dow closed week 21pts up at 16086. The FTSE closed the week on 6651 down 23pts.

A virtual portfolio has been set up using the 2012 final trading day close figures as a starting point and £1000 has been invested in each stock. This does not include buying fees or stamp duty and is purely intended to be used as a benchmark or summary for each week. One newspaper top ten picks for 2013 has been included to help monitor/compare against. A pi ‘polled’ top picks list (from LSE bulletin boards) has been included this year.

Week 48 stock picks summary:

News was a little thin on the ground during US holiday season. The LSE polled picks yet again demonstrated the boomerang talents of the yoyo small caps. A weekly swing of around 7 to 8% seems to be the norm these days. Great trading ops for the brave and quick on the draw.

Funding stories are the usual talk of the market amongst the resource small caps as many 2014 budgets/operational plans come into focus. TRP recently dropped from 3p ranges to test 1p prior to gaining funding at that level. As if by magic, the stock is now testing 3.5p. BHR is another example. Dropped from 3p ranges after agreeing a loan notes deal and then shorted by the very own beneficiary of those loan notes (Darwin/Henderson). They got their conversion price down to just over 1p and promptly closed their short on the same day. Pelham bought Ren caps 19% stake earlier in the year for 3p. Today the sp is 1.2p and beginning to look a bit like another TRP story. Dropped for funding and then returned back to where it belongs.

Another one to watch which shares traits with the above is Serica (SQZ). Dropped from 24p ranges to get a funding deal off at 18p. The company is holding an 8.33% free carry on a high impact exploration well off the coast of Morocco. Spudded by Cairn on Oct 28th, the well is expected to TD around Dec 24th. Add to this the deadline looming for BP to accept or drop their interest in drilling a well on SQZ’s namibian licence. BP have to the end of Dec to announce their intention. SQZ also have another Morocco well due in Q1 2014 which will add some etc spice post 2013 events. Will santa be bringing Serica holders a nice pressie?

Other stocks to watch out for in December are GKP – due to conclude their CC on the 13th. Also watch out for AEY (antrim). An asset sale/sale of causeway could be due in the not too distant future and FDP submission is due via Enegi/AEY by Jan 31st 2014 on the FYNE licence.

The stock picks winner for 2013 is a foregone conclusion. The independent blue chip picks seems destined for a half bagger return. Quite astonishing. The hunt for second spot is between thesharehub’s B-list bluechip picks and the volatile LSE BB polled picks. It could go eitherway and will likely be decided on the last day of trading.

Current standings / Week 48 Results

1. The Independent 2013 +49.56% (Weekly gain of 7.34%)
2. TheShareHub’s 2013 B-List +15.64% (Weekly gain of 2.72%)
3. The LSE BB List 2013 +15.14% (Weekly gain of 6.76%)
4. TheShareHub’s 2013 Hotlist -23.89% (Weekly gain of 1.78%)

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