ShareHub Hotlist Results – End of April 2016

Here we are, into month 5 of 12 already and it’s all good good for the ShareHub top ten picks.

The newspaper picks are lagging bigtime and in particular it’s a surprise to see the Independent top picks in the red after the last few years of successes.

Still early days of course, but there is strength in many of the ShareHUB Top ten picks for good reason. These picks are not small penny AIM listers. In fact, the star performer comes from the FTSE 100 – Glencore. This stock was driven down ‘artificially’ by hedge funds and speculators making huge short bets.
It was this speculation that pushed the share price to lows of 70p. Weeks later (and after a decent rally in commodities) the stock was trading at 170p. That’s a ridiculous swing for a huge bluechip like Glencore. It only serves to illustrate just how poor the markets have become when it comes to over speculation. Many of the hedge funds involved with shorting Glencore are nursing seriously large losses. Odey, just one of the large hedge funds involved was also shorting Anglo American Shares at the bottom. Again, another huge blue chip that got pushed down to lows of 218p and weeks later was testing 806p. Odey and other hedge funds should hang their heads in shame. It’s ok shorting stocks from lofty levels. That makes perfect sense. But shorting stocks at near the bottom or capitulation point is schoolboy stuff. No wonder we have a huge banking crisis in 2008/09 if this type of caliber investment company is managing funds with many fingers in many other pies.

If there is one lesson to be learned from the commodity rout, it’s this… do not over speculate. End of. It doesn’t matter what the market mood or global climate, it’s just reckless to speculate in this manner. It’s what makes the markets a bit of a joke and gives them a ‘casino’ name.

Rant over. Lets take a look at end of April positions, and how the newspaper tips (compiled by the ‘experts’) are doing against the Sharehub top ten picks. With Oil at $47pb at present and tipped by many to be near $60pb by year end, there’s clearly plenty more growth room in the Sharehub top ten.

Please note – these picks are not tradable. They are picked at start of year and results measured at end of year. (No trading in and out or on the dips and troughs) Also, some of the newspaper picks (blue chips) do give divi’s and these are not accounted for in the below results.

  1. Sharehub top ten  – 40.5% UP
  2. Daily Mail top ten – 0.3% UP
  3. Independent top ten – 2.5% DOWN

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