Multi-baggers Galore – Kaz Minerals 3 bags

It has been a cracking year for thesharehub’s top ten picks for 2016.

Kaz Minerals joins the 3 bagger team. Still plenty of time for Tullow to join the elite multi-bagger group. Hurricane Energy leads the race notching up a 4 bagger thus far and looks like more to come from them with 2 huge exploration/appraisal wells underway.

TheShareHub Multi-bagger list thus far (based on 2016 highs):

  1. Hurricane Energy – 4 bagger (up 440% / 10.25p to 45p)
  2. Kaz Minerals – 3 bagger (up 345% / 102.25p to 355p)
  3. Ithaca Energy – 3 bagger (up 330% / 28p to 92p)
  4. Glencore – 3 bagger (up 320% / 90.48p to 290p)

Staggering performance. Tullow currently 60% up on the year and has every chance of making that magic 100% level.

Talking of which, the sharehub top ten picks are now dangerously close to Multi-bagging as a group. The top ten picks are currently up 94%.

Not many funds out there delivering that kind of performance in 2016. One man’s gain is another man’s loss as they say. And looking at the likes of Crispin Odey’s funds…they’ve been taken to the cleaners in 2016.

Crispin… if only you had followed the sharehub…

A full update of thesharehub top ten will be posted next week.