Hummingbird Resources CEO Interview

Great interview today from Dan Betts, CEO of Hummingbird Resources. The potential cash generation from this company is incredible considering the current market cap. If Gold stays firm, Hummingbird has every chance of being £1+ a share in 2018. Historic first Gold pour is set for Dec 2017. Just under 3 months to go! Should Gold get a jog-on in 2018 to $1500oz (and there are a bucket load of global risks out there) the cash flows are mind blowing. Great hedge play for every investor against volatile market or global events. That said, Gold does not always strengthen or react to risk events as many expect, regardless of the ‘flight to safety theory’ – hence no guarantees of course! Usual Risks apply.

Hummingbird Resources is part of TheShareHub top ten picks for 2017.

One thought on “Hummingbird Resources CEO Interview”

  1. It would have been useful to have a financial breakdown of why you thought £1 per share is achievable, and a summary of other perspectives on the likely SP at say $1250-1300 per oz and production growing to 130,000 oz p.a.

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