ShareHub Hotlist 2017 – Week 51

Merry Christmas to all ShareHub readers. It’s that time of year when even the Algo bots, black boxes and HF power houses look like they’ve been on the mince pies. Certainly signs of fluidity in prices as we enter into the last week of the trading year.

Week 51 closes with more gains for TheShareHub top ten which is putting in a pretty good effort to close out in single digits for the year – albeit in the red. A few weeks ago, performance was -23%. No such worries for the Telegraph or Daily Mail picks. Both are on course for a very respectable ‘teen’ percentage rise. Still neck and neck between these two and unclear on which one will come through the ultimate winner.

Looking ahead, TheShareHub will issue top ten picks for 2018 on Dec 30th. If you have a stock that you think will be a top performer – then throw it into the hat using the comments section below.

Week 51:


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  1. I thought the most likely stock to become a multibagger in you 2017 list was fum which actually lost about half its value. I was surprised you did not include it in this years list as the story has not changed and the company has a potentially huge product on its hands. The wait has been longer than expected and I suspect boredom played its part in you ditching it but I would be very surprised if fum is not a stellar performer in 2018, either from pure price appreciation or from being acquired .

    1. FUM had a disappointing 2017 and whilst I agree the business still has potential, the outlook for 2018 looked uncertain. That said, the stock has certainly recovered well from 21p lows set last year. As a previous investor noted; it’s not always ideal to benchmark individual stock performances upon 1 calendar year. Many perform better over 2 or 3 years. It’s unrealistic to have a list of 20 or 30 stocks going into 2018 and breaks from the usual ‘top ten’ mould. As mentioned in earlier posts, TheShareHub will keep tabs on the full 2017 list and compare from time to time with the 2018 picks. Thus, FUM will not be forgotten.

      1. Or fum. I also think you should be on to a winner with amer although as a long term holder I have to say it has been a long and hard road over the last few years. There is undoubted value in the company , just wish others would realise it too.

        1. Assuming PoO is stable between $60pb and $70pb for majority of 2018 and AMER exceed 7kbopd average – it’s hard to imagine the stock being ignored or left to wallow around the early 20’s. Early to mid 30’s would look more appropriate and with sector names like Enquest, Premier and Tullow leading the recovery at long last – AMER’s valuation continues to look more ridiculous by the day. In 2017, we saw the major bluechips in Shell and BP rerate and 2018 looks like a year for the mid to smaller caps to catch up and plug those valuation gaps. Earnings season for many of these main players will be upon us soon and that’s when the market is likely to rerate. Debt piles reducing with PoO stable is the perfect recipe for M&A which is still missing in action when it comes to mid tier plays. The latter is the ultimate goal when looking to regain sensible sector valuations.

  2. WELL DONE HUB, nicely prepared blog. some of which I followed for 2017. will take a look for 2018.

    In addition to your top 10, whats your thoughts on JLP? been looking that for a while and i think time to dip in.

  3. I don’t think the tips for 2018 should be measured over a year, they are volatile and fluctuate on news flow and impact n drilling. They should be measured when they have reached a certain target.

    Any way my tips as follows, all these with extensive news flow in 2018 & all have low number of shares in issue:

    ECO – 3d seismic in Guyana, with farm out and drilling expected in Guyana and Namibia
    CHAR – Morocco spud in March, news on Namibia & Brazil
    PVR – Barryoe appraisal
    SQZ – Cash flow generation from BKR assets, Rawallen spud, Colombus development, Namibia and Ireland assets
    HNR – two producing Shale wells, more wells to follow
    MATD – news on 3d, farm out and drilling in Mongolia

  4. Mobile Streams (Mos)
    Breaking into Indian market, well funded and stock tightly held. Increasing mobile traffic to their website. Due subscriber update in January. Could easily 3-5 bag.

  5. Trinity Exploration (TRIN). All in cost $28 per barrel, circa 21 mmbo of 2P reserves and 20 mmbo of 2C, >2800 bopd of production. $5.5m EBITDA in H1 2017. 4 well campaign of development wells next year (75-100 bopd per well) 4 wells is minimum amount. Possible Galeota farm out (>700 mmbo of STOIIP) including 200 mmbo TGAL discovery, Perenco spent $250m on surrounding license on the same geological structure. Over $100m tax losses, tax reform in 2018 to encourage drilling, further asset sales of non core licenses. Cash of around $12m, debt around $11m (looking to pay back $5m before Sept 18). Exec Chairman last company was sold for over $1.5 billion (Venture Production). Current asset base has the potential to yield over 7000 bopd. Current market cap £40m (14p share price) – two broker targets of over 33p (approx £90m market cap). One of the best picks in london. The board own 25% and if you include family and friends of the board it’s over 45% ownership. Tightly held and should see 30p plus in 2018 (tax reform could see this closer to 50p as would transform economics and improve profitability further instantly)

  6. Griffin mining gfm.
    Zinc miner operating in China.
    It’s been a long wait but 2017 has been a good year for griffin and this should continue through 2018. The company has paid off its debt much earlier than expected and should use some of the cash it is throwing off to start paying a dividend. There is also the small matter of the new license which is long overdue and which when granted will be transformational . Largely unknown and under- followed but the best pure play on the zinc price out there.

  7. Im tipping President energy PPC.L at 10pence . Peter Levine is serially successful in past ventures . Has his own money invested here and will drill Paraguay next year. Always follow buffets advice ” If you want to win basket ball games it pays to have a couple of seven footers and by the way there’s no returns on pygmies”. Peter Levine is a seven footer in my eyes . Always follow serially successful people. Happy New year to everyone. Taxi Driver from Stockport

  8. Not a recommendation, but a request for The Share Hub 🙂 I’m a holder in all of the 2017 stocks, so when the 2018 picks come out, I’ll be interested in whether any of the current stocks that are negative, should be divested in order to move to any new 2018 stock recommendations. Equally, I expect some of these stocks to be holds from 2017, as I believe there to be unrealised potential. Thanks!

  9. Lionsgold: LION.

    Three tiered gold play.

    Has holding (21%) in Geomysore which has undergone a feasibility study and is now looking at developing a mine for producing gold in India.

    Has a joint venture to explore for gold in Finland.

    Has holding (55%) in TRAC which has developed a gold backed digital currency called Goldbloc ready for launch in early 2018 in the Indian market. After that it could be released to other markets. Lionsgold CEO has also invested and taken a 5% stake.

    With a market cap of circa 12M LION could quite easily multi-bag just based on it’s holding in TRAC, their Goldbloc cryptocurrency which employs blockchain technology and is backed by physical gold bullion.

  10. WTI.L Wetherly International; one of the few pure copper miners on LSE/AIM, its highly geared to the copper price which is doing very nicely at the moment. At first glance WTI has a stack of debt and is yet to make a repayment but that should all change this year, they’ve been strongly supported by Orion who lets face it would have lost most of their loans if they let WTI go to the wall when copper collapsed. Q2 (Oct-Dec 17) results are due in the next couple of weeks along with news of an acquisition and hopefully news about the reopening of two mines temporarily closed in 2015.

    It’s taken WTI three long years to get all the ducks lined up and escape the sub 1p quagmire, the low in 2017 was 0.3p and they currently stand at 1.3p. DYOR, IMO these could go to 2-3p in the first few months of this year and maybe 5-6p in the Autumn dependent on Central Ops going into sustained production (CAPEX $10m, payback c12 months) and Tschudi getting C1 costs under control. It’s very difficult predicting share prices, WTI went from a similar position to 15p back in 2009-10 when copper went to $10-11,000/t but operationally they’re in a much stronger position today.

  11. RBW – Rainbow Resources, 14p. One of the few rare earth minerals mines outside China, in Burundi, with extra-ordinary grades up to 10 times the average for rare earth minerals .
    Like HUM, this is coming on line to produce 2000 tons of concentrate for starters (a year or two), and contracted with Thysenkrup Metals to supply 5000 tons of concentrate annually once they’re ready, @ US$10K/ton, for 5 years. This is way way more than RBW’s current market cap.!
    Due to further extra-ordinary prospects which a survey uncovered they just had a surprise fundraising to get this extended source into production.
    If I have to find a caveat, RBW depends on political stability in Burundi – a quiet place at the moment.

  12. 1 HUM should rerate q1 onwards
    2 ORM construction underway,tungsten price strong,comissioning due q3,fully funded
    3 BKY uranium recovery,construction should start q1/q2

    Imo 🙂

  13. I tipped CHAR on here last year and am tipping it again this year, it has come a long way in 2017 but even larger gains are expected in 2018 from several catalysts. The RD- 1 well in which we have 10% equity in is planned for March 2018, it could add £1+ to the SP, we have other acreage in Morocco (adjoining blocks in which we have 75% equity in), Namibia and Brazil – news is expected on multiple fronts i.e. farm outs, further drill commitments, resource upgrades, etc. The company is cash rich with no remaining commitments with a healthy cash balance and good quality drill ready acreage. CHAR is a real contender to ten bag in 2018 IMO.

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