CERP Q&A available on website

Useful media channel for communicating with shareholders. The share price has drifted of late due to the news voids but should bounce back strongly assuming the business continues to make the production growth progress set out in the core strategy presentation for 2018. Retail investors really should try and get away from short termism and focus on the reasons why they invested in the first place rather than watching the share price on a daily basis. That said, waiting 3 months for news quarter upon quarter certainly would play to the ‘sell on news’ brigade. It would not surprise me to see CERP delivering news in the future which goes beyond the quarterly production updates as the company has quite a lot to get through in 2018 and none of that has been RNS’d yet. It looks like a 10p stock trading at 4.75p at present which presents risk on buyers with a great opportunity. Schroders appear to have eased up on their recent buying which previously would have supported the share price. Roll on next update.

See link below for Q&A.