ShareHub Hotlist Quarterly Review – Week 13

That’s Q1 done and dusted. 3 more quarters left in the year so plenty of action to come. Traditionally, the smaller cap commodity focused stocks spring to life post April as exploration season commences. To date, there are not that many blockbuster drills lined up to look forward to across AIM. Currently CHAR.L are drilling a high impact well in Morocco which is managed and operated by the oil major ENI. TD is estimated in 2 weeks time (approx). MATD.L has 2 x high impact wells planend for H1 and news on seismics/spud dates should be issued in April. 2 further wells are planned for H2 pending rig contract. With 4 x drills in 2018, MATD.L is likely to be the small cap to watch as any success would be transformational and the share price should be doing cartwheels. Of course, no guarantees any of the 4 wells will be successful. HUM.L is set to kick off their exploration in May with focus in and around their producing mine. Any discoveries should extend mine life and bring in some longer term investors with p/e’s increasing accordingly. Full production has yet to be reached but will be another minestone for the early gold producer. Q1 had just about everything thrown at it. From DOW highs to DOW lows. Bitcoin’s rocket to fame now looking like a limp biscuit. It’s a story of over excitement followed by the traditional profit taking or consolidation period. Nothing goes up in a straight line forever. Pullbacks can be healthy especially after what looks like an over inflated bonus ticking end to Dec 2017. Trump, China, Russia, Putin, North Korea, Iran, Saudi’s, Brexit, UK housing bubble, the new Petro yuan… the list goes on. It’s been far from dull. Looking at the above, I can’t see too much changing anytime soon so get used to the ‘theme’ for 2018.

TheShareHub 2018 picks have outperformed all newspaper guru picks as well as the ShareHub 2017 picks. The latter began the year at circa 9.5% down and has added a further 8% decline to 2018 although that still puts it ahead of the newspaper picks which have not faired well. The ShareHub 2018 picks are in the blue by 1.1% or roughly 9% higher than the 2017 picks. A good example that rotating and refreshing portfolio’s can work (sometimes). With April 5th/6th Tax period just days away, it’s often a period of locking in profits as well as losses and getting ready for the new ISA season. It’s a good period to reflect on your winners and losers and get your affairs in order ready for April 6th onwards. If in doubt, seek some advice from an FCA regulated advisor or via your broker.

April should be packed with news across the ShareHub picks with AMER production update due, HUM full production news, CERP Q1 review, SOLG MRE update and much more. MATD (part of the heads up in 2018 picks) should also be delivering updates (as mentioned above).

Looking ahead into Q2, Gold looks solid with added interest of late due to dollar issues as well as risk safety trades. PoO has come through the tough Q1 period well and assuming Trump has Iran in his sights for sanction revisions (up not down) the black stuff could hit new highs… circa $70pb on Wti. M&A still missing in action and the O&G sector really could do with some mergers/acquisitions kicking off to get some attention returning to genuine ‘valuations’ rather than casino based algo/bot activity.

2018 Q1 – Current Positions as follows: