ShareHub Hotlist 2018 Review – Week 31

It’s hot hot hot out there but cool as ice across the commodity sector. The summer heat has cooled some of this years earlier gains but the ShareHub top ten picks remain firmly in the blue and are out performing the newspaper picks for now. It’s a curious one as the newspaper picks are generally selected by investment guru’s and tend to be safe bets aligned to FTSE100 in many cases. The latter has done reasonably well of late touching 7750pts not long ago, yet the newspaper picks have slumped by roughly 10% which is a hefty slide. The AIM market has seen quite a few fundraising rounds across a number of small miners and oil plays. Frustrating for long term investors but better to tap the market now while the sun is shining than try when clouds are gathering. With the DOW edging closer and closer to pre-trading war levels circa 26000 the question is… what’s changed today? Turn the clocks back just a few months when trade war talk commenced and the DOW dropped from 26500 to 23000 levels causing the usual paid media channels to declare bear markets are upon us, panic panic panic. The usual short sighted media headlines that disappear the next day along with the journo’s and pundits behind them…slipping back into the shadows. So here we are today… Brexit on a knife edge, US and China in full trade war, UK interest rate rises and Elon Musk self capitualating and handing all those Denver firms which fear him most a life line. Like Boris Johnson, the best Elon can hope for from here on is to slip into the shadows. All credibility shot. Boris could have earned some stripes by standing down over Heathrow but instead he opted to use his joker card to add pressure to the PM over Brexit. A cheap shot but befitting of a man that does not keep his word. In a world that lives and breathes on social media, it’s inevitable that many well respected individuals end up shooting themselves in the foot. Twitter is like wearing a mic on a 24 hr basis. Some would do well to ‘drop the mic’ and manage their vocal rants behind closed doors…Trump included.

Week 31 status below – The ShareHub has been quiet during summer period, but will be returning with more regular updates in Mid September. The summer should be enjoyed and the stock market is sloth like during July/Aug. Selling in May and returning on St Legers day is proving a winner at the moment.

ShareHub Hotlist 2018 – Week 31
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