ShareHub Hotlist 2018 Review – Week 39

Week 39 slips by and still nothing concrete on Brexit just Boris blowing off. The man lost all credibility after the Heathrow debacle and yet he’s still spouting on like he believes he has an audience. I think best thing for the likes of Musk, Johnson and of course Serena is to hunker down and avoid social media or any kind of media for the next 6 months plus. The latter should apologise for unsporting behaviour. Smashing rackets, ranting and raving is not a good example for her young daughter to follow. King Federer (on and off the court) carries sophistication and elegance. A true champion and one of the greats. He’s a credit to the game of Tennis and Serena would do well to learn a few things from that master or perhaps follow the legend Borg and hang up the boots at the appropriate time.

The same could be said for the likes of Tusk, Juncker and Barnier. On the surface they play a good game, try and look sophisticated but behind the scenes there’s more precious items than rackets being smashed. It’s been a shambles. The youth of tomorrow will not be voting for these disconnected generations types that are out of touch with the real world. The EU’s mantra from the very beginning was one of ‘teach the naughty boy/girl a lesson’. If Brexit was a success then the fear would be that other countries would follow. Well, wake up Mr Europe… the world has already followed. Border trading has all but gone. The likes of Amazon, Google and Apple are digitally crossing your precious EU boundaries and taking huge chunks of revenue and paying close to nothing in tax. When the EU was set up decades ago, the internet was just a few bits of code in Mr Sutherland’s mind. The idea of common markets had a purpose. The EU had a purpose and it still does to some extent. But life and business has moved on. Tusk, Barnier and Juncker look like petrol guzzling cars in a Tesla world. The EU and UK ‘had’ a terrific opportunity to show the world that they can work together and adapt to changes… even big ones like Brexit. Together, fighting the likes of Amazon, Google, Apple and others is going to need cohesive planning. The focus should be firmly on how ‘all’ business is done in the context of borderless trading. It’s time to put the school room cane down and start leading by example… through a grown up and professional approach to Brexit. If that’s not possible, then postpone Brexit, boot out the fumblers and get some new fresh blood in to take a new brave road forwards into a world that is changing every day of the year.

Mini rant over, the markets in general are showing no signs of fears over Brexit or Chinese trade wars. Interests in Gold are near lows for the year which is odd considering Trumps control could be weakened dramatically over the next 8 weeks with Mid term US elections due. Gold tends to rally in Q4 and it certainly has plenty of scope for a bounce all the way back to $1300oz. Should bode well for sharehub pick hummingbird resources which is long overdue a recovery to mid 30p ranges based on projected earnings.

Oil focused stocks like Tullow and Premier Oil have crept up against a surging oil price. The last time Tullow was around 240p level, POO was trading at $45pb. Today POO is trading at $85pb (Brent) and Tullow is trading at 265p. 10% growth based on a $40pb increase? I think the casino needs the under-table magnets adjusting as valuations across many Oil focused stocks look hideously cheap.

Week 39 – Review

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I thought the ShareHub would double its 7.5% growth to 15% before end of the year. I didn’t think it would be so swift, but here we are with TheShareHub top ten pushing past 14% and above in week 39. With another 13 weeks left and little sign of the Saudi’s or Russian’s changing tact, 25% growth for the year is the new target.

Catalysts are loading up for CERP, HUM and AMER in Q4, so the ShareHub laggards should begin to contribute to the growth rate soon. Heads up picks, PDL and MATD have both struggled but look to have a decent amount of upside in the tanks assuming good news flows. MATD looks terrific value (6.2p) for those that like risky exploration plays. With a fully funded 2019 lined up and another 4 to 5 wells+, there’s more than enough excitement to provide a multibagging opportunity from there. No guarantees of course!

TheShareHub picks are trouncing the newspaper professional guru picks. Still a quarter to go, so best not get too cocky but it is looking like another great year. No multibaggers just yet but keep an eye on PVR and PMO. Both could notch up multibagging tags this year.

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