ShareHub top picks for 2019

Drum roll…

Here are the ShareHub top picks for 2019. Many picks from 2018 have made the list again. Some new blood has been added and a slightly bigger weight added to Miners vs Oil&Gas but on the whole it is another commodity heavy list.

Ophir Energy had been inked in as of Dec 30th based purely on the undervalued nature of their non producing assets.

But due to the breaking news of a takeover approach late on Dec 31st, TheShareHub thought it only prudent to remove the stock as starting the year with an almost 50%+ gain (that’s a guess) might not be seen as fair play when going head to head with some of the investment worlds expert stock pickers aka… the newpaper top lists for 2019.

Ophir Energy should go for at least 100p based on the asset worth, which would be a 3 x bagger for some investors. A cracking start to 2019. But no guarantees of course and a low ball at 70p, delivering a single multibagger might equally be successful in this very ‘odd’ market today.

Value often wins out and with Ophir priced just shy of 35p, the market should be embarrassed if offers finally come in at double that price. It just goes to show how deeply discounted the market has become towards commodity stocks. But lets not jump the gun, Ophir has yet to announce an offer price and one may not come at all. But one thing is clear… Ophir and many other commodity stocks out there today are undervalued and it was only a matter of time before M&A kicked ‘properly’ off. With Faroe Petroleum also looking to avoid a cheap takeover approach, other stocks like Premier Oil and Tullow will no doubt be wondering how much longer they have before they too are taken out.

A full appraisal of 2018 with week 51&52 results to follow over the coming days. Do all research and risk assessments on stocks before buying or selling. Read the risk warnings (see side panel). In this market you have more chance of losing your investment funds than increasing them. It’s unpredictable and likely to continue that way, so be careful and very measured in 2019.

More coverage and depth will be added to the 2019 picks over the next few days and throughout the year.

Happy new year to all ShareHub readers and may 2019 be a very rewarding one.

ShareHub top picks for 2019