ShareHub Hotlist 2019 Review – Week 10

Markets continue the sideways action as China/US trade war talks continue. Like Brexit, this seems to be dragging along with no obvious end. The Cheltenham Gold Cup is notorious for having a ‘quiet’ effect on markets. It’s as if all bankers and analysts are on a jolly all week, Surely not?

Week 10 Review:

Good news from Premier Oil and Amerisur. Both companies are adding value and growing which is precisely what investors like. Unfortunately, the share prices are still stuck in the mud and the lag between positive news and share price growth is notable for all to see. Often ‘rerates’ happen fast, whilst the drifting down of prices can take a painfully long period of time. One damages sentiment and the other repairs it in a whisker. Get caught on the sidelines and it’s easy to get left behind in this market despite the sideways action.

The Independent picks continue in pole position although the gaps below are shortening. It’s been an odd start to the year and one hopes that the end of Q1 (March 31st) will bring about a new impetus in Q2.

Tax planning (UK) is rife at this time of year with April 5th CGT deadline looming. Many investors will be looking to book losses and offset against profits. Some will have have clear outs. Some will be readying the ISA’s. This period isn’t just about Retail Investors, Large funds/II’s also ring in the changes around end of Q1. Lets hope volumes and interest across commodities improves in Q2 and sets up equities for a solid 2019.

Independent top picks for 2019 – Week 10
ShareHUB top picks for 2019 – week 10
Guardian top picks for 2019 – week 10

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