ShareHub Hotlist 2019 Review – Week 11

Spring is in the air and commodity focussed stocks are beginning to look a little more sprightly. Premier Oil is showing signs of strength again as higher oil prices and strong production make for an excellent combination. Investors are still a tad wary over a potential big purse acquisition as per newspaper article some weeks ago linking PMO to Chevron north Sea assets which are up for sale. Oil prices continue to stabilise after the rather idiotic fall to $43pb on WTI some months ago. The market doesn’t seem to do ‘sensible’ anymore. It’s either extremely positive or negative with not much inbetween. That said, while Trump and China dot the i’s and t’s on a trade deal, the broader market looks content to just trade in a tight range. Gold and metal prices have pulled back a little on growth fears and risk reduction. Miners are struggling to make headway especially the minnows. Some early producers have lost momentum. WRES and WSBN, both part of the ShareHUB top ten for 2019 are suffering from delays and slow newsflow. Unless good news is forthcoming, the drift will continue for these two although both look quite cheap at present and a bounce would not be unexpected providing further warrants are not issued.

Earnings season will soon kick off again as Q2 is just weeks away now. For many stocks, it’s a period of wrapping up the figures for 2018 and looking forward to 2019 progress. Whilst historic (as we are already 3 months in) FY results provide investors with a fairly good idea of cash balances/debt and whether any funding is required going forwards. It’s probably been around 6 months since the last meaningful update (interims) so that’s a long wait for even the most patient investor.

Just 2 weeks to go before ISA season is up and running again with new allocations being available from April 6th. It’s always a good idea to check with your broker on timelines for getting ISA deals done and also contacting your tax advisor regarding CGT exposure/liabilities.

Week 11 Review:
The Independent remains unmoved at the top. It’s much the same as last week. TheShareHUB picks should begin to accelerate as the drilling season (fair weather) approaches. CERP, MATD, AMER, PMO, SOLG to name a few from TheShareHUB top ten picks, all have eventful spring/summer operational plans lined up. Bodes well for an exciting Q2.

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ShareHUB top picks for 2019 – week 11
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