ShareHub Hotlist 2019 Review – Week 14

Short and sweet this week. Oil moving higher, Oil focused Equities following. Goodness me, it’s almost as if the markets are working properly. All eyes were on OPEC next next week but it now seems that they have decided to abandon plans for April 17th meeting and push it back to June 26th. That date might change too, so pencil it in!

Week 14 Review: The Independent picks are top of the pops this week. The Guardian has made a solid recovery from a slow start to the year and is now firmly in the race. TheShareHUB picks have been more volatile with 4% to 5% weekly swings. With commodity prices looking solid for the rest of the year, TheShareHUB top ten should begin to retain those gains and push on higher. Wishbone and PetraDiamonds are weighing on the broader folio’s performance while PetroMatad is single handedly keeping things looking healthly. For many stocks, drill / exploration catalysts are key and many of these are due to kick off in Q2 and Q3. Watch out for CERP’s Q1 performance and general update due next week. The stock has bounced back strongly over the last few weeks and investors will be hoping for confirmation news on exploration well plans in the SWP region.

Independent top picks 2019 – week 14
Guardian top picks 2019 – week 14
TheShareHUB top picks 2019 – week 14

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  1. I am hoping Premier Oil will continue its climb in 2019. I have been out of touch a bit and wondering if there is any exciting news for Premier that will help it continue this nice ride back up.

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