ShareHub Hotlist 2019 Review – Week 28

Forget Technical Analysis. Forget Research. It’s official – if you cross your fingers and toes, close your eyes and say please please please… then you really can change your fortunes and determine results. That’s all nonsense of course… but it worked for me during England’s last over of the ICC World cup. It appeared to work for Djokovic too although no luck was needed there, just pure will power and nerves of steel. The truth is, there is a place for ‘luck’ in the stock market. The key is to make sure you don’t rely on it! Because everyone knows, you’ll get lucky once or twice but most of the time you’ll be unlucky. And that’s why the spread bet firms and CFD providers make good money. Research from IG recently showed that nearly 82% of customers lost money. The likes of super fund manager Neil Woodford is a prime example of how the best can soon become the worst. The reality is the Market has a habit of leveling things out if you stick around for too long or become complacent. So if you’ve nailed a few winners of late, ask yourself if your strategy is working or whether you just got lucky? If it’s the former, you’re doing well. If it’s the latter, then you might want to take a break.

Week 28 Review:

As we are now in full summer mode, TheShareHUB has moved to fortnightly updates and will be returning to weekly updates after St Leger Day.

The newspaper picks were a country mile ahead of TheShareHUB top ten but after a few good recoveries by a number of ShareHUB picks, the positions thus far are now very tight indeed. And the best bit… The ShareHUB picks have plenty of strong news catalysts awaiting around the corner. MATD, CERP, AMER, and PMO all have big summer drills coming up. Add to this the recent heads up call on i3 Energy with 3 x back to back summer drills due to kick off in under 2 or 3 weeks, and that’s some summer blockbuster line up to look forward to. But as with all exploration and even appraisal drilling, all will need a good slice of luck and in some cases nerves of steel!

Stock coverage/updates will follow, as and when key news events unfold.

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