Enquest delivers first oil from Kraken

That’s one massive project with massive risk delivered on time and under budget. It’s been a while since the North Sea has seen a development of this size brought online by a smaller mid tier player. Well done to all the Enquest team for not only delivering on this project but by also ensuring the […]

Tullow – Cheap Cheap!

Tullow has certainly seen its fair share of shorting interest. The Stock is currently heavily shorted with over 11% of float being short. That’s a rather large number and all those involved are adding to shorts at a time when PoO is at yearly lows. However, it was larger some weeks ago at 15%+ and […]

Imagination Technologies – One to watch

Prior to yesterday’s ‘up for sale’ announcement, Imagination Technologies was seeing a great deal of shorters interest via various hedge fund / basement style offices. As seen below, (2 to 3 days old) positions were being added in the 100p to 110p range. I doubt very much these ‘shorters’ were banking on IMG putting up […]

Faroe ops update

That’s a terrific ops update. Not many E&P’s out there in the small to mid caps that are making money let alone are debt free. Faroe is without a doubt one of the highest quality outfits out there today. The irony is… it’s loved by II’s but not by the Pi herds. Volume is often […]

Sharehub Hotlist 2017 – Week 24

The sun is shining, summer is here and Major indices are at all time highs. All is well in global markets which is a little strange when you actually start to look at the economic data that drives major indices. The US data has steadily turned from bullish to fast becoming bearish. The Fed Reserve […]

DELEK increase stake in Faroe Petroleum

RNS just out on Delek moving from 13.8% to 15.01%. As mentioned in earlier posts, Delek built a stake up in Ithaca before making a bid. They might not wait too long before making a bid on Faroe. Any bid would need to be double today’s price of 87p to be successful based on my […]