Pantheon Resources complete VOBM#2H, Polk County frac

Ops update out. Frac looks successful on VOBM#2H although early days and they’ll need a bit of time before all frac water has been recovered. If successful, could be the first really good bit of news for PANR in 2017. More to come? Indeed…. the long awaited VOBM#4 sidetrack is now due to begin in […]

Providence discovers water

  It’s like a summer paddling pool with a puncture. Deflated is an understatement. The first part of this summers blockbuster multi-billion exploration play has come in with nothing more than ‘water’. Very disappointing for all investors. PVR management played a blinder in getting this well drilled for ‘free’ and in fact got roughly $5m+ […]

Pantheon Resources – Ready to launch again

It’s been a while since PANR last caught my eye. Having plugged the stock 2 years ago at 17p, the subsequent rise to 180p was astonishing and justified. Drilling success was soon replaced with reality. Mother nature has a habit of making the extraction of Oil and Gas as hard as possible. Throwing up fractures, […]

Sharehub Hotlist 2017 Week 28

Federer strolled to a record breaking 8th win at Wimbledon. The amount of wins is impressive, but it’s his ability to stay fit and strong that is his secret to success. He rested his body when others were battering theirs. He targeted the slams and ignored most else. Investing is very similar. You have to […]

OPEC rumoured to have called an EGM for July 17th

Bear in mind this is just a rumour doing the rounds. But there might be some sense in it. OPEC and Russia are set to meet on July 24th to discuss further options to help rebalance the Oil market. In past meetings, Russia have made it clear that they would prefer an OPEC concensus (amongst […]

Good news for sharehub picks PVR and PMO.

Great start to wednesday morning for two of the top ten thesharehub picks for 2017. First up.. Premier Oil announced a whopper of a discovery in mexico. Whilst their interest is on the smaller side at 25%, it’s still roughly around 250mmboe based on early indications. Of course, this is early days stuff and in […]