Commodities set to be hot in 2011

Some very bullish commentators out there citing 2011 as a corker for commodities.

Some I agree with and others I do not. The following link is worth a look. I think oil at $150 is a bit too optimistic but I agree that Silver and Gold will be strong next year. Watch the video (after the 30 sec ad). Also worth noting is Yahoo finance article.

CNBC’s Fast Money: 2010 Good for Commodities, 2011 Even Better? – CNBC

GKP to list on FTSE 250

Yesterday’s news of an opportunistic legal claim completely overshadowed the news of GKP stating they intended to talk to the regulatory authorities about a listing on the FTSE 250 (stated in an interview with

The listing would complete the full transformation from undiscovered AIM listed minnow to one of the largest oil companies in Kurdistan.

It just goes to show what can happen in just 18 months with small exploration companies. When the dust settles on the recent legal dispute, I expect investors to start to focus on the merits/benefits of a FTSE250 listing. It really is a milestone that should not be overlooked. Long way to go yet but they seem hopeful of a Q1 admission. That might be pushing it a bit, but a lot depends on how far down the road they are with the regulation talks.

and more on the legal case…

Parkmead soars again – TSH 3 bagger

Tipped here at 11p just a few days ago and PMG is testing 37p+ today.

Truly astonishing. The rise appears to be attributed to Mr Cross’s bullish statement for 2011 and whilst Cross (ex dana man) has a proven record – at 33p, PMG is looking very heavy on pricing in high expectations.

A 3 bagger in under 2 weeks is not to be sniffed at and locking in profits is sensible.Sold a few today at 28p and 32p as this has exceeded my expectations. To the lucky ones that were holding pre Cross’s involvement at 2p ranges – today is an 18 bagger day! Well Done.

Gulf Keystone – Disputes Legal Claims

GKP’s intention to move to a FTSE 250 listing was announced in the FT today.
When you are moving into a high profile position from AIM to Ftse 250… you can’t have any skeletons in the cupboard.

I find the ‘timing’ of such news as curious. Surely such issues could have been filed earlier. Why do it now? Iraq government was officially formed last week.

Today’s news is certainly not good at all but will go some way to ensuring GKP avoid takeovers until it is resolved. If the Oil contracts get approved soon, then most expected low ball offers from koreans or chinese to be coming fast. GKP management seem confident that the claim is without merit. GKP need at least another 7 months to appraise Shaikan and bolster their valuation. It’s a race against time and the legal dispute is an unwanted distraction especially as investors had seen many uncertainties disappear in 2010. Interesting times ahead.

From today’s RNS

Rejection of Legal Claims

The Board of Gulf Keystone announces that Gulf Keystone and two of its subsidiaries (referred to for the purposes of this announcement only, as “the Companies”) received notice on 23 December 2010 that an arbitration (“the NYC Arbitration”) was commenced by Excalibur Ventures LLC (“Excalibur”) in New York on 17 December 2010 asserting certain contractual and non-contractual claims against the Companies and claiming that Excalibur is entitled to  an interest of up to 30% in the Companies’ blocks in Kurdistan.

On 21 December, 2010, Excalibur applied without notice to the Companies to the Commercial Court in London for a “worldwide freezing injunction” against the Companies’ assets, which was refused by the Commercial Court on the basis that the Judge did not consider there was a risk of dissipation of assets. Excalibur also commenced proceedings in the Commercial Court in London on 17 December 2010 on the same grounds as in the NYC Arbitration (“the Commercial Court Claim”) in order allegedly to protect its position in relation to potential limitation of actions under New York and/or English law.  The Companies received notice on 23 December 2010 of the claims, since which time they have been in consultation with their legal advisers.