2013 Hotlist Results – Week 46

Week 46 of 2013 The DOW was just a few points short of the 16k level which whilst every day has been a record in the making – there’s something quite special about tipping the 16k mark. The extended QE3 plans by the FED have enabled the index to hit these levels and with tapering […]

2013 Hotlist Results – Week 45

Week 45 of 2013 After the recent surges in Twitter and Royal Mail – perhaps IPO’s should be renamed BOGOF’s? Buy one and get one free? Perhaps these two examples are the clearest signs of all that the market mechanisms designed to price stocks are simply flawed. For many years it’s been apparent that stocks […]

2013 Hotlist Results – Week 44

Week 44 of 2013 With the S&P hitting record highs nearly everyday it’s not hard to see where the US government free wonga QE3 cash is going. The blue chips continue to soar and the market ‘collectively’ maintains the herd mentality. The grass is indeed green at present but at some point the free wonga […]

2013 Hotlist Results – Week 43

Week 43 of 2013 After the US political hand bags at dawn debacle – markets got back to the free wonga feeding frenzy that is QE3. Talk of tapering now being pushed out to end of Dec has yet again extended the party mood. May as well pump it through equities as there is few […]

2013 Hotlist Results – Week 42

Week 42 of 2013 US politicians finally decided to agree on not agreeing and postponed the inevitable decisions for another day. That day now looks set for somewhere like Feb 2014. There is no doubt that these are tough decisions to make for all parties involved – but unfortunately the debt ceiling and budget issues […]

2013 Hotlist Results – Week 41

Week 41 of 2013 Another week of following politicians rhetoric rather than stock specific news. Earnings season is almost upon us again and it couldn’t come sooner. Thursday’s debt ceiling deadline date needs close attention but most would expect a solution to be aired in the days running up to it. If the US fails […]