2011 Hotlist Results – week 45

Week 45 of 2011. What a week! It started with a new Greek PM and ended with a new Italian PM. Things are certainly moving with pace now as each country forms interim governments to force through austerity plans and secure their next meal ticket from the ECB/Eurozone. Spain will be next. It’s not a […]

2011 Hotlist Results – week 44

Week 44 of 2011. It feels like a feature length episode from Dynasty and this is not an american TV show – it’s a Greek dynasty. It’s hard to know where to start. If anything can be taken from the weeks bizaar Greek turn-around, then perhaps it’s the simple recognition that despite the EU being […]

2011 Hotlist Results – Week 43

Week 43 of 2011. A very solid week across the markets as the EU’s actions derisked a market that had been geared up for the ‘worse case’ scenario. It’s the Federal Reserves turn on Nov 1st/Nov 2nd as they seek to outline their plans for stimulating growth. As mentioned before, the US dollar is strong […]

2011 Hotlist Results – Week 42

Week 42 of 2011. Another solid week for the major indices off the back of further firm action and Euro zone solutions being transmitted to the markets with greater urgency. It’s the Federal Reserves turn next week as they seek to outline their plans for stimulating growth.  The US dollar is strong at present and […]