2012 Hotlist Results – Week 47

Week 47 of 2012 As mentioned last week – the sell off in European and US equities seemed a tad odd against the strong performances in the far east/Asia. The NIKKEI 225 closed at 9367 and is at 6 months highs – the last time it tested these ranges, it went on to break the 10k level. […]

2012 Hotlist Results – Week 46

Week 46 of 2012 The markets are at their ugliest when they ‘want’ something done. There’s no doubt it – toys out of the pram often works in these ‘childish’ times. The correction in equities across the US indices and Europe is adding pressure to the Politicians – The message is loud and clear to […]

2012 Hotlist Results – Week 44

Week 44 of 2012 An interesting week which saw some great figures come out of China, some decent earnings from AIG and others and more importantly some estimate beating US Jobs numbers. The latter was nicely timed ahead of the US elections. On Tuesday – the campaigning ends and the votes are made for the […]

2012 Hotlist Results – Week 43

Week 43 of 2012 An interesting week as both the US and UK surprised with some very strong growth figures. The market really wasn’t in the mood to get the trumpets out as it maintains its ghoulish antics in October. In the US a 2% growth rate would normally have had the bears dashing for […]

2012 Hotlist Results – Week 42

Week 42 of 2012 10 weeks left to year end and the markets feel reluctant to commit to path up or down. Earnings have in general surprised many with key players reporting decent numbers. The ‘wait and see’ pattern may be broken soon and one catalyst is certainly the US elections. A few weeks ago […]

2012 Hotlist Results – Week 41

Week 41 of 2012 A cut and paste of the cut and paste comment last week would probably suffice in summing up week 41. The market is like a kid at the moment being taken to a sweet shop, yet for some reason dragging their feet in the process. It’s pointless ranting on about the […]