The Library – EIA

For anyone wanting to keep up to date with Energy information – the following link is a great resource and well worth bookmarking. Plenty of data available – for instance did you know that GKP (Gulf Keystone) currently has 4.2bln barrels of oil based on an independent review (p50). In comparison, (although these are reserves […]

The Library – Being a Dummy can save you money!

Firstly – this post is aimed at investors who trade/buy/sell via their online platform/broker. It is not designed to go into the finer detail and there are many things that you should consider before trying this yourself. Always consult a broker or financial advisor regulated by the FSA. Also consider you Broker via the phone […]

Oil/Gas ToolBox

The Library is where you can build on your knowledge of Equities and the Sectors in detail. Glossary’s to help break down Jargon, and links to push your Oil&Gas/Commodities knowledge further, plus general guidance on Equity/trading terms. ‘Grumpynhappy’ kindly posted these links to help other investors with questions on Oilfield / Drilling operations. Ordered as… […]