2011 Sunday Share tips – Top Ten

Happy new year everyone – if you’re nursing a heavy hangover or feeling the brunt of several days of over eating (one more mint Mr Creosote!) then you’ll probably appreciate a small round up of some of the papers tips for 2011. Here are 4 to get you going.

The Times, Tempus Tips for 2011
BHP Billiton, BG, Northern Petroleum, Catlin Group, Tullett Prebon, Intermediate Capital Group, Cookson Group, Capita, F&C Asset Management and e2v technologies.

The Sunday Telegraph – 2011 tips
Petrofac, Aviva, Avocet Mining,  RBS, Barratt Dev., Royal Dutch Shell, Vodafone, Mulberry, Informa, and Bowleven.

The Independent – 2011 tips
African Barrick Gold, Arm Holdings, BHP Billiton, BP, Domino Printing, F&C Asset Management, Morrisons, Rio Tinto, Smith & Nephew and Sports Direct.

Daily Express – 2011 tips
BHP Billiton, Capital Drilling, China Food, Entertainment One, Endace, Johnson Matthey, Fenner, Lloyds, Renovo Group and Unilever.

Happy New Year Auckland!

Don’t worry, we are not planning on doing a ‘happy new year’ for every country as the time line moves along today. Just thought it would be nice to wish our Southern Hemisphere readers all the best. It’s great to see viewers/investors visiting us from all over the World. As time ticks down here in the UK to LSE close – we have just over 30mins left to the final trading bell of 2010. It’s been a rollercoaster year and looking forward to starting 2011 with a New hotlist.

Dominion approaching key 6p barrier

Previous heads up was published on Dec 20th when sp was 5.6p. DPL has been relatively range bound between 5.5p and 5.9p. Today it is pushing the 6p barrier which has been a test too far on previous occasions.

There is plenty of potential in Dominion and investors looking for small cap exposure at a decent price will be wise to research into the prospects in Uganda and Tanzania. It did test 12p back in Feb 2009 and it’s worth noting that early 2009 was a frightful time in the markets.Technical Analysis (TA) followers will see the previous 12p level as a key target for DPL completing a 24 month recovery.

The markets enthusiasm for small cap commodity explorers has gone banana’s in the last couple of months as speculators see the Commodity sector as the rich area of growth in 2011.

DPL looks like a worthy candidate for a breakout of 6p and onwards to test 9p ranges but newsflow will be required to support any such rises.

Be careful out there and watch out for the banana skins.

Nautical heading for £4 test.

Previous heads up on Nautical was given on Dec 21st. Sp was 380p.

Today, the stock has been moving towards the big test barrier at £4. Sp currently 397p. With Varadero drill now very much under way and due to TD around the 6th or 7th Jan, there’s clearly some speculative buyers getting stock in ahead of the results. Varadero is a lower CoS drill than the previous successful Catcher strike made this summer. If they fail to hit the good stuff in Varadero – then they head off back to Catcher area where the CoS is very high indeed. Some have suggested that it’s a ‘banker’ but I would always be cautious as there’s no such thing as ‘dead certs’.

The second drill will follow immediately after Varadero and should give the stock decent support. If Varadero is a success, then it could raise the oip estimates for the entire area which would be very meaningful indeed. Other partners include Premier Oil and Encore Oil. At £4 range NPE looks good value especially when you account for the recent Kraken discovery which is due an update on OIP. Any followers of XEL will know the significance of heavy oil and Kraken is a cracking licence.