Hotlist 2011 – Update

Thanks to all the investors/posters that sent in their candidates for the last two slots on the 2011 hotlist. The list is now closed and pending some minor tweaks will be published on Jan 2nd.

There were some great comments/posts and I’m please to say that the 2 undecided slots have been filled with stocks that were put forward by investors/posters on TheShareHub.

Any guesses which ones! Would be fun to see if you can guess the final two picks.

Commodities set to be hot in 2011

Some very bullish commentators out there citing 2011 as a corker for commodities.

Some I agree with and others I do not. The following link is worth a look. I think oil at $150 is a bit too optimistic but I agree that Silver and Gold will be strong next year. Watch the video (after the 30 sec ad). Also worth noting is Yahoo finance article.

CNBC’s Fast Money: 2010 Good for Commodities, 2011 Even Better? – CNBC

GKP to list on FTSE 250

Yesterday’s news of an opportunistic legal claim completely overshadowed the news of GKP stating they intended to talk to the regulatory authorities about a listing on the FTSE 250 (stated in an interview with

The listing would complete the full transformation from undiscovered AIM listed minnow to one of the largest oil companies in Kurdistan.

It just goes to show what can happen in just 18 months with small exploration companies. When the dust settles on the recent legal dispute, I expect investors to start to focus on the merits/benefits of a FTSE250 listing. It really is a milestone that should not be overlooked. Long way to go yet but they seem hopeful of a Q1 admission. That might be pushing it a bit, but a lot depends on how far down the road they are with the regulation talks.

and more on the legal case…

Incredible Performance

When I asked for posters to send in their candidates for the hotlist 2011 I didn’t expect to see so many of the stocks mentioned doing cartwheels on a mid week xmas trading day.

I doubt the final Hotlist (published here on Jan 2nd) will see such decent daily gains.

Here are a few stocks mentioned by posters that have done well today… none of them are my tips but from other comments made on the hotlist 2011 thread/category section.

BZT up 39% today,

AMC up 37% today,

XTR up 28% today,

INFA up 24% today,

HER up 16% and BHR up 10%

These stocks are very high risk as most are minnows – but the performance today seems to suggest that posters may be right and 2011 could be a good year for them.

Let’s hope they don’t exhaust themselves before Jan 4th starts.

Well done to all those posters that sent in the above – time will tell if they have the legs and success to make 2011 their year.