The following are a pleasure to read and the reason why TheShareHub is so enjoyable. Testimonials/comments taken from the interactive investor boards…a few recent ones from DEC 2010.

By Policenthieves
I have thanked you twice before and I thank you again. Paid for one year’s running costs of daughter at uni thanks to you!

By Aimvpr
– Just want to say thanks for the heads up on this. =) Without your O/T on GKP board I’d have missed this.

By BigBear2
Cheers for the inital heads up @ 60p, looking pretty good value now!

By Streetfighter4
Blow me down! Absolutelety amazing result! Thanks HUB for a heads up on this one, and Gramacho for calming the nerves… Well done Fowlertheprowler for your balls of steel lol Unlucky Investor2010 for selling up last night! Happy Days again!

By Baukinkaur
Thanks hub for the tip.fantastic news-merry xmas!!!!!!!

By CamelsBreath
Hub squire, Thanks once again, 😉 I cashed in a policy early, topped up with GKP taking my holding to 25k shares in total, then bought 3545 XEL last week. Ahh, class my man, thanks. I appreciate EVERY one of your tips. Good Luck and good luck to all on here.

By Mantrova
Yes, thanks again Hub. I wouldn’t be here except for your March 2010 “heads-up” @ 45p, which I still hold. I think that was from the Ithaca board and at the time XEL was hardly known and was certainly considered very high risk. Wow…how things can change and in such a short space of time! All the best to you.

By Gracey9
I am in a few of the shares you have been in and given some good information on, so thank you very much.

By Shrewdie
I was unaware of this company and you alerted me to it in June. I am very grateful. Thanks also to Gramacho for his analysis. I didnt understand most of it but i guess i am in the majority there!

By Bonedome
Many thanks fella, really looking forward to your 2011 selections now I will have some serious funds to inves

Just a quick thankyou, you pointed me in the direction of XEL @ around 88p, this was the second stock i invested in so for a newbie to shares i’ve had a good start, even my reletively small holding is looking good, you ever in Notts, UK give me a shout and ill buy you a pint or 10.

7 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Hi Hub,im a virgin to this shares game only started november last year, but i have been reading your website and found it throughly interesting and informitive, ive only invested a few pounds at the moment but hope to add more when i can and hopefuully change my familys life around i also study the boards etcon iii. so just wanted to say keep up the good work and good luck for the futre.Regards Alan w.

  2. As i’m here i just wanted to drop by and add my “thanks” like everyone else for your excellent posts and tips on iii.

    I joined the stock market craze at the end of July and already have a portfolio which is up over 100%!!

    Although, being a student i don’t have a lot to invest the “paper” profit is a fantastic amount for me in this short time and will go along way to not only paying of my student debts but to putting money away for a rainy day.

    As always keep up the good work and thanks for creating this site.

    Best Wishes,


  3. I wish that there were more generous souls like you in this world to make it a better place!!!!! I am getting better at sharing with people looking at your example.
    God bless.

  4. Hub

    I just wanted to say thank you for the last 2 years. 2 years ago I sold all my ISA’s (£15,000) and got a loan from from the bank for a further £15,000.
    Apart from getting burnt on Newcourt Group I have turned that £30,000 to
    over £250,000 and truly changed my families life. I know you always say its its our money and our decisions what to invest in but without your generous advice I am certain I would not have been so fortunate. I may never get to meet you in person but would like you to know my gratitude for what you do.

    Wishing you and your family a very happy christmas


    1. that’s fantastic – well done Chantry.

      have a look in the multibaggers section and you’ll see New.L mentioned in the Hall of Shame. The lesson learned from that one was to always check out the BoD’s etc. It’s the lessons we learn from our mistakes that make us stronger and wiser!

      All the best for you and your family this xmas

  5. Hi Hub,

    Wish you very happy Christmas!!

    I have been reading your post from last 5 month and your research is truly amazing.

    I am very small investor and have made really good profit from your recommendation. i.e XEL, DPL etc.

    I am looking forward to see more recommendation from you.

    I am wishing to have you my stockbroker.

    Please if you have any mailing list add my name.

    I have huge amount on Lloyds TSB I wonder if you can suggestion to move this holding to any other stock which you may thing is best.

    Thank you very much ( I know thanks is not enough.)

    Vilish Shah

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